B for BORNEO 婆羅印象

18th June 2016 Saturday, marked this date in your calendar!
This is the first time in Malaysia to have a dance production combined with MOTION CAPTURE technology.
Ticket start to sell next week~!
SYNERGY DANCE THEATRE collaborates with ASGARDIAN for the first time! This year, we present to you “B for BORNEO” which feature dance combined with multimedia projection on dance floor as well as MOTION CAPTURE interaction (a technology which will pick up the movement of dancers live with the multimedia projection). As you might expect, there will be unique choreography from Christopher and other talented young choreographers.
SYNERGY舞蹈劇場第一次與ASGARDIAN 合作,共同製作今年“婆羅印象”舞蹈作品。您將會看見緊密互動的地板投影多媒體與舞蹈與、動態捕捉技術結合(Motion Capture, 一種即時捕捉舞蹈動作與多媒體結合的科技結合),當然還有您期待的編舞者計畫所帶來的驚喜。這是馬來西亞第一次結合motion capture的演出,相信會為你帶來許多驚喜。

BOBOU to Kedah and Penang 2016

“One language dies every 14 days. By the next century, nearly half of roughly 7,000 languages spoken on Earth will likely disappear…..” (National Geographic, July 2012)

Kedah and Penang, are you ready?

For Kedah and Penang readers 致在吉打及檳城的朋友,
(For English reader please scroll down, thank you.)

“奔逝的天堂”若說是一個舞蹈表演,倒不如說是我們現在站在文化刀口上的一個紀錄。一談到文化,我們總覺得是件嚴肅的事。這舞蹈劇場演出談這件事,更談許多不同的感受。還沒看過“婆羅舞蹈劇場”的朋友,我懇請你們來支持,因為我們是私人單位,所有的開銷完全是依賴票房及我們對舞蹈藝術的熱忱來支持。2015年第一次帶作品“2 IN 1“,看過的觀眾說那是她最好的母親節禮物。原本的分享交流時間,變成了一小時的對談。那是多麼深刻的記憶。
若你願意幫忙我們的話,除了購票出席支持外,也希望大家幫忙在這event page (https://www.facebook.com/events/1033959629980523/)中邀請朋友,讓更多的人知道這個訊息。無限感激。

“BOBOU” is not just a dance performance, but a regconision of our dance ,culture and art at the moment which is dying. When people think about culture, they always feel that it must be something boring. BOBOU not only talk about culture, but will prepare you with a very special and unique experimental dance theatre experience too.

Borneo Dance Theatre (BDT) is solely depend on ticket selling income for the 2016 tour. I wish that all of you in Penang may come and support BDT. Beside that you may invite your friends through this event page and let more people knows about the news (Facebook event page : https://www.facebook.com/events/1033959629980523/). If you are not familiar with BDT, you may visit : http://mysynergydance.com/?page_id=409

I still remembered “2 IN 1″ experimental dance performance by BDT at Penang at 2015. We have the least number of audience for the tour but the deepest and longest conversation/sharing session for the whole Malaysia tour. Borneo is the third largest continent in the world and there are so many that BDT can share with everyone of you. See you at the theatre:)

日期Date : 11th March 2016 (Friday) at 8pm
地點Venue :
Vista Ballroom, Fuller Hotel
No.1, Komplex Perniagaan Pintu 10,
Jalan Pintu Sepuluh, 05100 Alor Setar
Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia.
Tel: +6 04 7333 999

票卷Ticket : RM25 per person
購票Ticket available at :
Shelly 012 427 6167
KaeRen 0111 069 7596
Yiwen 012 525 6167
Kenji 017 423 7536

日期Date : 12th March 2016 (Saturday) at 8pm
地點Venue : 檳州民政黨一心禮堂 Dewan Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia (139, Jalan Makaliste Penang)
票卷Ticket : RM25 per person
購票Ticket available at : 012-567 8789 / 012-478 3268

NOTICE:The audience will need to walk around and sit on the floor, so please wear appropriate clothing. 演出將會席地而坐及現場進行移動,請穿著適當服裝。

劉偉義 Christopher Liew

BOBOU tour #1 : Johor Bahru 09th Jan 2016

BOBOU 奔逝的天堂

How much would you pay to reclaim lost language?


” One language dies every 14 days. By the next century, nearly half of roughly 7,000 languages spoken on Earth will likely disappear…..” (National Geographic, July 2012)

Whether we aware or not, the fading of native languages is now happening globally and Borneo ethnic languages are dying too. It is never exaggerate to say that the lost of a language is equal to the lost of a whole culture. It is definitely a wretched and complicated feeling to witness the fading of our fellow cultures day by day. This is the initial motive that inspired the creation of “Bobou”, the latest experimental dance theatre performance of Borneo Dance Theatre (BDT) in 2016. As the only full time professional dance theatre in Borneo, BDT envisions to produce professional dance theatre performances that are functioning as the bridge in enhance social awareness among the society and eventually create a better livelihood for the community, especially in Borneo. In “Bobou”, various endangered Borneo native languages are chosen to be the main material and inspirations of this performance. Despite that, this experimental dance theatre performance is also aimed to create a cutting-edge first hand experience artistically. Including: close to the audience, live vocal expressions, multimedia collaboration, installation of the whole theatre and etc.. Both, the expected and unexpected will happen in the theatre. Don’t miss it.

“婆羅舞蹈劇場”在2016年開啟了第三個年頭巡迴演出。這次帶給大家的依然是驚喜連連的作品“奔逝的天堂” BOBOU..
編創 “奔逝的天堂” 是在尋找婆羅洲語言的情感,才漸漸發現語言流失不僅僅是幾代人溝通的斷層問題。其中,包括文化流失的成份,才讓人覺得憂心。打開格局一看,其實這是全球共同面對的情形。透過這次實驗劇場、大型裝置藝術、多媒體結合、現場語言的空間竄流等等,相信會為這演出再次帶來多變的獨特觀賞經驗。

NOTICE‭:The audience will need to walk around and sit on the floor‭, ‬so please wear appropriate clothing‭. ‬演出將會席地而坐及現場進行移動,請穿著適當服裝。
Date : 09th Jan 2016 at 8pm
159-02,Jalan Bestari 1/5, Taman Nusa Bestari, 81300 Skudai, Johor,Malaysia.
Tel/Fax: +607-511 3013 / +6016 715 9193  www.leewushuarts.com


Ticket :
BOBOU : RM25 per person
Workshop : RM35 per person
BOBOU + Workshop : RM50 per person
Dance workshop by Christopher Liew
Date : 09.01.2016 Time : 3pm-5pm
Ticket available at :
+607-511 3013 / +6016 715 9193
* 016-333 5706 (Mr Lim Thou Chun)

Giving Up will become a habit.

Date: 26th July 2015 Sunday
Time : 7pm
Venue: Sabah Theological Seminary Recreation Centre
Ticket : RM35 (Synergy Dance Studio / Breadboss Cafe / 019 533 0395 / 016 833 3936)
Remark : The audience will need to walk around and sit on the floor, so please wear appropriate clothing.

We received quite a weak response at our own home town Kota Kinabalu for this performance. Since it will caused us some financial problem if we cannot cover the cost of the production, the artistic director Christopher has question whether we need to cancel the performance or not.

Giving Up will become a habit.

The true stories that portray in “2 IN 1″ must be delivered, and we really hope everyone can still help by spreading out the news to your friends, supporting us by watching the performance, learn the stories of our own too.

Primitive Bond Art Festival Flashmob Tutorial

YouTube link:

Please visit this link on Facebook  :



Dear all who want to join the flashmob family, please learn this basic four sets of movement :) Happy dancing ~!


Synergy Dance Theatre, the dance theatre that has work hard in Sabah for over ten years start their 11th year with performance named “WHITE”.

This performance will be the presentation of the “Young Choreographer project” by eight choreographers. beside that we have two invited guest for the performance who are Samry the wheelchair dancer and Chang Hao Heng who is a dialysis patient.

This performance will change the black box into a ” White Box” and performance will consist of a lot of medical equipment. the Choreographer Christopher Liew wish to share the idea of the relationship between doctor and patient, further more the piece will share more about humanity.
Do come to support this special dance performance by sharing this news to your friend and buy the ticket early.

The information about the performance are:
Date: 20th June 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 7:30pm
venue : Sabah Theological Seminary Auditorium
Ticket : RM35 (ticket sells by seat number)
EARLY BIRD TICKET: RM30 ( before 6pm of 31st May 2015)
Ticket info : 019 533 0395 / 016 833 3936 /014 566 8041

For more information, please visit http://mysynergydance.com

BDT 2015 Dance Tour “2 IN 1″

“2 IN 1″ Experimental Dance Theatre
by Borneo Dance Theatre (BDT)

Borneo Dance Theatre starts its tour in 2015!

01. SANDAKAN 山打根
Date : 11/04/2015 (Sat) 7:30PM
Lecture Hall (Administration Building)
Yu Yuan Secondary School, Sandakan
CONTACT : 017-899 7727 / 089-215 765

02. TAWAU 斗湖
Date : 12/04/2015 (Sun) 7:30PM
Dewan Gek Poh SJK (C) Sin Hwa Tawau
CONTACT : Kudos Music 089-777 791 / 089-777 792

03. JOHOR BAHRU 柔佛新山
Date : 09/05/2015 (Sat) 7:30PM
Dewan Sekolah Matahari
CONTACT : 016-333 5706 / 016-739 4790

04. PENANG 檳城
Date : 10/05/2015 (Sun) 4:00PM
Dewan Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia (139, Jln. Macalister,Penang)
CONTACT : 012-567 8789 / 012-478 3268


[2 IN1]说的是两个故事,同样以实验舞蹈剧场的方式进行。第一段是「帥爆建築公司」,說的是建築工人的故事。演出除了逗趣外,更有著許多的互動;第二段則是「房裡的聲音」,按照本土的真實故事改編,內容說的是婆羅洲生活的故事。除了肢体的丰富多样化外,结合多媒体、音乐紧凑安排及剧场装置的设计将会让大家印象深刻。相信这场演出将会让你有许多不同的感官及心灵刺激。


It is April 2015! This mean that BDT will start it’s first tour from this month onwards.

[2 IN1] is an experimental dance theatre performance that consists of two stories. The first one is “Handsome Construction Company” which descriptor the life of four construction workers. The performance is choreograph base on a lots of fun and interaction in the theatre. The second dance is “The Whispering” which choreographed base on true stories in Borneo. Beside the amazing body languange of the dance artists, you will have the chance to experience the combination of multimedia\rapid arrangement of music and most of all the installation design of the theatre based on the production. You will definitely be amazed by what is happening in the theatre. Don’t miss the chance. Grab your ticket fast!

Notice for those who wish to attend the performance:
The audience will need to walk around and sit on the floor, so please wear appropriate clothing.
For more information, kindly visit : http://mysynergydance.com or Borneo Dance Theatre fan page : https://www.facebook.com/borneodancetheatre