The nearest place to Synergy最靠近的痕迹

It is my first time visit to the Japanese Cemetery which buried many Japanese died during the double-ten incident in KK at 1943. Many grave were unnamed, which seems like telling the stories of the Jesselton at the past.


For these two weeks, dancers were working on the part “Revolt” which talk about the stories of the “Gerakan Guerilla”. There are really lots of stories behind and suddenly I found that I need to ask so much question in order to know what is really happen during that day. It is really nice to see dancers work hard to improve and surprisingly good behavior and technique during choreography. This is what we mean by “dancer”, a kind of person who discover their mistake and learn how to be better at all time.
这两个星期,大家都埋头苦干於“起义”这一段故事。“看”回Gerakan Guerilla的点点滴滴,会让人想问更多的问题,希望能够完全了解当天到底发生了什么事情。看着舞者在排练时有着良好的态度和技巧,让人油然觉得欣慰。是的,就是有一种人,发现自己的弱点,然后即刻更改、进步,这种人我们称之为“舞者”。

Sandakan Memorial Day

It was kind of sad that I found out not many Sandakan people know about the real stories of the POW camp at Sandakan. This year, I decide to go to have a look at what is the “real” condition of the Sandakan and the memorial day ceremony. It is a good experience for me to know what i should do in my next year production “The Legend of Mount Kinabalu” and also has a close look at what is happening there. I have talk to Mr. Bunny Glover about his point of view about distributing the awareness about war to the young generation and it is really a good experience for me to know different kind of point of view.