16th November 2010 TTSS dance performance and dance talk

At 16th November, the Tshung Tsin Dance Troupe will perform a dance performance and dance talk by Christopher Liew for one and a half hour session which start at 10:20am. The “Sojourn” with new interpretation is going to be a dance I am look forward.

Do come and watch the new piece of Re-Up Crew – “No Manners”!
当然,16号当天也会有“Re-Up Crew”的新作与大家见面~”没礼貌“!

Just finished the part “The beauty of Sundaland”. I deeply love with the part which express the energy of the growth of the plant and the flower. It just simply show the energy of the mother land.

The Legend of Mount Kinabalu 2011

Everyone is back 回归正常

The beauty of Sundaland

Finally the examination finished and dancers come back to practice as usual.
For this two months, the dancers worked on “The beauty of Sundaland” while I were busy combining my idea from the Trusmadi with the dance piece too. The land of Borneo really occupied with so many great treasure which not many know and appreciate about it.
I love to travel. “The Legend of Mount Kinabalu” give me a brand new idea about “travelling”. To know the city that i have stay for so long is really a great experience for me as a dance artist too. I bought a book recently and really feel thankful to the author who collect and organize so many info about the incident. At last Friday, I share some thing about the war with my dancer. The total number of death of the WWII may occupied the whole Luyang area(Actually I doubt if Luyang areais big enough…)
Human has leave so many undesirable act to this world. However we are not suppose to just memorize the number and the date only. The story which tell us how to treat this world is the most precious thing of all.
Is November now, which mean is closer to 23rd April 2010.
I am looking forward for the “The Legend of Mount Kinabalu” prduction.
我是个爱旅行的人,“神山的传说”的“旅行”方式让我体会到了不同的人文之旅。从前都没有这么强烈的体验,也难怪我总觉得这次的作品给的和以往都不同。最近买到了一本书《World War II》,感恩作者为这件事迹留下了相当细致的记录,并且图文并茂。星期五排练时和舞者分享有关这件事的死亡人数有多时,我相信无论我自己如何形容都是没办法传达的。是的,这个路阳区横尸遍野(我还怀疑路阳区似乎还太小)。