Dance Delight 2011 is around the corner…..

Date: 30th April 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 7:30pm ~9pm [As always, we start sharp at 7:30pm :) ]
Venue: Recital Hall, UMS
Ticket: RM25 and above via donation
Tickets start to sell on 07.03.2011 onwards. Do grab your ticket fast because it is going to be another full house event :)

Contact: Christopher 019-5330395; Skyler 016-8333936

* Since the seats are limited, thus no ticket reservation is allowed. First come first serve basis. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Memories of Chap Pa Lang 2011

At the last day of Chinese New Year, let spice up our mood with the performance of “New Year Chap Pa Lang 2011″ from Synergy Dance Theatre (SDT).
Thank you to those who come and support us and sorry for those who didn’t manage to watch the theatre performance due to full house. :) We would like to thanks the photographers : Horace Yuan, Lonny Pang and Valentine Chong for taking so many good photos for the performance.
In April, there is another event “Dance Delight 2011″ which is the annual event of Synergy Dance Studio where all the student in the studio may present what they learn in the studio to their family and friends. This event has hit the record of full house continuously for two years that is 2009 and 2010. So, do grap your ticket fast this time. :p
年15,在這裡和大家回味Chap Pa Lang在今年所帶給大家的歡樂,為這個新年劃下完美的句點。感謝大家對SDT的支持,讓這次的活動滿座。對於沒辦法購買票卷來觀看的朋友,我們深感抱歉,希望接下來的活動大家要儘早買票。
接下來,4月將是教室的成果展“Dance Delight 2011”。這活動已經連續兩年滿座,也再次呼籲大家要買要快。

Chap Pa Lang 2011

audience of SDT

Thank you for coming and support the “Chap Pa Lang 2011″, without your attendence, it won’t be a successful event. This year the main theme of “Chap Pa Lang” is “Some people even got no home to go back”. The story told about a group of orphan work in KL and their father asked all of them to go back for chinese new year family dinner. However his biological son didn’t come back due to ……….(the rest of the story belong to those who attend our performance :) …..)
Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone and hope you all have a prosperous chinese new year.
感謝大家前來支持“New Year Chap Pa Lang 2011”的演出,沒有大家的參與,實驗舞蹈劇場的演出也沒辦法成立。今年的主題是“不是每一個人都有家可以回”,希望大家珍惜和家人在一起的時光。