Rehearsal night with our friend

It is good to have Ron to come to see our rehearsal for the “The Legend of Mount Kinabalu”and he was amazed by the intensity of the piece. Although there are still a lot of space for improvement, but it is getting better in the sequence for the dance flow. The challenge for the dancers at the moment are changing their costume in 1 minutes!

Would you be the 300th audience?

ticket: 016-833 3936 Skyler/ 019-533 0395 Chris
facebook: synergy dance

This is the progress of the ticket until 21st May 2011.

Recently Christopher has attended several meeting with Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment and some private sector for sponsorship and art support. It is a great experience to learn the way of the development of art in KK by seeing it and certainly the ministry is looking forward for this first production in Malaysia which is done by local artist and Sabahan. But we are just wondering how much time and effort that needed to build up a real quality environment for a society which hook art into their life?

“The Legend of Mount Kinabalu” is not just a dance performance. It represent how hard the people here protect and develop their own land, no matter is during World War II at 1943 or nowaday at 2011. We hope for the best for this land and we hope everyone will support this event. Without you, this dance piece will be meaningless.

Do contact us if you wish to support the event. Thank you.






Firstly, this is how it look for the progress of the ticket selling until 18th May. It is the 13th days of ticket selling~ :)
Same warning: those who want to watch the performance, do grab your ticket fast.

18th May 2011 3:30pm
Christopher Liew has an interview with Grandma Vun who is 97 years old this year to find out more about the historical detail about the background of Sabah during the WWII. It is really amazing that Grandma Vun can recall the detail of the time and describe very clearly about the hard time they have during that time. “Tragedy happened.” That is the message from her.

Ticket? I can buy it afterwards….

On the 6th day of the ticket selling for “The Legend of Mount Kinabalu”, The middle seat is almost finished and i am sure it will be all out at tomorrow. So, for those who want to get your best view, please act fast. These people know Synergy, thats why they bought the ticket early :) . Thank you for the support.


The Legend of Mount Kinabalu

Who are the legend of Mount Kinabalu?

Do you know the stories of this motherland?

In 2011 Synergy Dance Theatre (SDT) will present to you “The Legend Of Mount Kinabalu”. Beside telling the stories of this land, “The Legend of Mount Kinabalu” will open the eyes of the audience by being the first production in Malaysia which has 60 minutes full length special effect multimedia dance drama. You will not want to miss it.

Ticket : RM50/ 35/ 20 (according to seat number,no reservation allowed,first come first served basis)
票卷: RM50/35/20 (劃位販售,不接受預定)

For ticket info, please contact 019-5330395Christopher Liew / 016-833 3936Skyler
票卷詳情,請連絡019-5330395Christopher Liew / 016-833 3936Skyler

Ticket start to sell now,20 seats sold out at the first day ~! So everyone act fast~! Here is the first preview of the event, enjoy!