Three dance pieces which is honored to represent Malaysia to participate in the international Dance competition in Vietnam and HongKong after winning awards in National dance competition in Malaysia (Best Choreography Awards, Outstanding Awards, National Champion Awards) all in 2012! Founder of Synergy Dance Theatre, Christopher Liew, is going to perform a duet which Chong Hao Heng who need to do Dialysis three times a week. On 23rd June, Chong will become a dancer, again. What is his story?

Where else can you see such a performance especially in Kota Kinabalu. Do support good local art.


Time: 23rd June 2012 730pm~9pm
Venue: Sabah theological Seminary Auditorium
Ticket: RM 50/ 35 /25 according to seat number 0195330395 (Christopher)/ 016-8333936(Skyler)

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演出團體: Synergy Dance Theatre (SDT)
時間:2012年6月23號 晚上730準時開場
票卷:RM50/ 35/ 25 劃位售票 (可連絡 019-533 0396 Chris/ 016-833 3936 Skyler詢問票卷詳情)。

Synergy Dance Theatre proudly presents to you “NO LOVE STORY” in 2012! The highlight of this performance will be THREE dances which obtained the championship in national level dance competition and two of it will REPRESENT MALAYSIA to participate in the INTERNATIONAL DANCE COMPETITION at Hanoi,Vietnam (middle of August 2012) and Hong Kong Bauhinia Cup (End of August 2012). The three pieces are “Dance as Education” presented by Good Shepherd Dance Troupe, “Road” by Synergy Dance Theatre which win the Outstanding Award and “Where are you?” by Tshung Tsin Dance Troupe which win the second Best Choreography Award for Christopher Liew (The first Best Choreography Award win at 2008) in “National Chinese Cultural Dance Open competition” held at Melaka at March 2012 . We believe an activity like this can bring the image of Sabah in people’s eyes to a whole new level, both in the perspective of art and life.
Performing Group: Synergy Dance Theatre
Time: 23rd June 2012 7:30pm we start the performance sharp
Venue: Sabah Theological Seminary Auditorium
Ticket: RM50/ 35/ 25 according to Seat number
For ticket info, you may contact 019-533 0395 Chris or 016-833 3936 Skyler.


On the last day of submission of KKIFF (Kota Kinabalu International Film Festival) “Links5″ competition, Christopher finally finished the short film “Link” to tell the story of Gaya Street and the idea of “Looking at old photo is meaningless”. It has been a long time after WWII happened in Sabah,especially KK. However when you count it, it is just 70+ years and many of us totally know nothing about the place that we live in. Hopefully “Lest we forget” is not just a slogan, but something that will walk into the life of the citizen of Sabah.

No Love Story

Title: No Love Story
Date: 23rd June 2012 Saturday
Time: 730pm
Venue: Sabah Theological Seminary Auditorium
Ticket: RM50 / 35/ 25 According to seat number
Ticket info: 019- 533 0395 (sms) / 016-833 3936
Performing group: Synergy Dance Theatre

Here is the seat plan, black one mean sold out, act fast everyone.