Marking Our Life (Behind the Scene)

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Marking Our Life 生命記憶

Next week at 22nd June, It will be a great memories for many peoples in KK.
May be you will ask, why is this performance so special than the others. The reasons:
(1)The launching of the first Dance Theatre in Borneo, the Borneo Dance Theatre. This will be a historical moment and the dance theatre will perform one special piece on that night. How can you miss it!
(2)The final presentation of the “Young Choreographer Project”. After one year of training in theory and skill of choreography, 22nd June will be their final presentation. Recommended piece are : “Police” by Shui Su Xuan Susan Tuk Ngah Xuan and “Pathway” by Afham Zainal.
(3)After 9 years of hardwork as a dance artist and educator in Malaysia, Christopher Liew finally launch his first book about the dance scenario in Malaysia especially in Kota Kinabalu. You will enjoy the launching and the autograph session after the performance :)
(4)The are dance pieces by Christopher Liew on that night too which are “Marriage”(recorded version),”Angel”, “Love Story is a Movie”, “V”, “Allien”, “Because of Love” which expected to be unforgetable.

So, what are you waiting for?
Ticket is RM50, RM35 according to seat no..
For ticket information, please contact
016-8333936 (Skyler) /
0111-6014909 (Shuk Ling) /
019-5330395 (Chris)

下個星期六 22.06.2013 的晚上,會是許多人多年後的共同美好回憶。
(1)婆羅洲第一個職業舞蹈劇場Borneo Dance Theatre的特別推介禮,你怎能錯過這個歷史性的一刻。當然,當天他們會帶來一個作品給大家,那絕對會是一個特別的推介禮。
(2)年輕編舞計劃的成果展。經過一年的努力學習編舞及實踐編舞,你會訝異於這些年輕人的想法和看法。無論從新生代或實踐派的角度來衡量,我們怎能不去支持他們?推薦作品 許素瑄 Susan Tuk Ngah Xuan 的 ”警察叔叔嬸嬸,你好“,Afham Zainal的 “途徑Pathway” 。
(4)晚上的演出有劉偉義的作品”嫁“(錄音版)、”天使“、”愛情故事是部電影“、”V“、”外星訪客“,“因為愛情” 相信都是大家期待的作品。