The Legend of Kinabalu 2014

“The Legend of Kinabalu” is going to be a spectacular experience for the audience in Sabah. May be you never expect that there is so much stories in Sabah that we have forgotten. Lest we forget.
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“ The Legend of Kinabalu” is a cross-field arts interactive performance by Synergy Dance Theatre (SDT) from Sabah, Malaysia. This production includes multimedia and contemporary dance art. It will open people’s eyes to the possibilities of live performance in Sabah. This is the FIRST TIME in MALAYSIA had a production which combines dance drama with special multimedia and animation effect on the dance floor. Through the use of several projectors and dance choreography, the audience may see fire as the power of the Bobohizan on the stage, feel they are really experiencing the intrusion of the army during World War II and so on. It will be an unforgettable performance for the audience in Sabah. This piece has been premiere at 2011 and at this 10th anniversary of Synergy DANCE Theatre, we would like to share this meaningful and historical piece with the public again with better performance and more advance technology input.
Kindly share this performance news that not to be missed. Get your ticket early before it is too late. By the way, thank you for all the support given by the public that we hit full house event for both “Dance Delight: The Fairy Tales” at April and “The Story of Buddha” (Three performances) at May.

誠摯感謝所有為『釋迦牟尼佛傳』圓夢的舞者、幕後人員及大德,讓這作品能夠留在許多人的心中。 接Synergy Dance Theatre 將會馬不停蹄的為大家在15/6於沙巴神學院劇場帶來『神山腳下的傳說』。這是一個訴說著我們沙巴二戰時期的歷史及英雄事跡的故事。讓這些故事被遺忘,是件心痛的事。因此,這作品包含了我對這個社會的關懷、對和平得來不易的提醒、對這片土地抗爭的英雄致敬的意義。在2011年的首演,已經是馬來西亞的第一個全場70分鐘舞蹈結合地板多媒體投影的作品。在2014年的十週年慶典藝術系列活動,我們覺得應該再次分享這麼有意義的作品,讓我們了解更多有關自己的土地的故事,並且給予更多的關懷。
按照四月份的”Dance Delight: The Fairy Tales” 票卷售罄及五月份的『釋迦牟尼佛傳”三場都票卷買完一樣,相信SDT的素質將會為大家帶來一個完全不同的體驗。希望各界的朋友幫忙宣傳此活動,並且儘早購票,以免向隅。