Giving Up will become a habit.

Date: 26th July 2015 Sunday
Time : 7pm
Venue: Sabah Theological Seminary Recreation Centre
Ticket : RM35 (Synergy Dance Studio / Breadboss Cafe / 019 533 0395 / 016 833 3936)
Remark : The audience will need to walk around and sit on the floor, so please wear appropriate clothing.

We received quite a weak response at our own home town Kota Kinabalu for this performance. Since it will caused us some financial problem if we cannot cover the cost of the production, the artistic director Christopher has question whether we need to cancel the performance or not.

Giving Up will become a habit.

The true stories that portray in “2 IN 1″ must be delivered, and we really hope everyone can still help by spreading out the news to your friends, supporting us by watching the performance, learn the stories of our own too.

Primitive Bond Art Festival Flashmob Tutorial

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Dear all who want to join the flashmob family, please learn this basic four sets of movement :) Happy dancing ~!