Behind the scene of every Synergy Dance Studio performance.

You need to understand how it works for dance theatre in Sabah. In order to prepare for a good dance performance, you need to prepare a proper and formal theatre for dance. This video with share with you how we have work hard for the pass eleven years. Even the black cychrome we have use it for ten years already. smile emoticon Enjoy the movie and pls share to someone worth sharing smile emoticon
看看這個影片,你就會知道多些原來沙巴的舞蹈劇場有這麼努力的一班人。18/6 「婆羅印象」-17-18/7 「Dance Delight 2016 :Keep Dancing, people」 都是不容錯過的好演出。
要票要快咯,我們也提供網路匯款方式方便大家 :)

Young Choreographer Project 2016

“I want to be the master in this field. But I do not want to be the only master. They will inspire me in the future.” This is how Young Choreographer Project started. I believe that dancer who know how to appreciate choreography and learn how to think will become a better dance artist.
Please do come and support the ” B for BORNEO ” event because it is the day they present their dance piece after a year of hardwork.

Young choreographers have been trained by Synergy Dance Theatre since 2012.
All the choreographers were required to work with their dancers and
master every element of dance choreography and theatre presentation,
this including musical arrangement, costume design, dance
choreography, and multimedia production. The participants in this
programme did not need to pay fees: Synergy Dance Studio provided
the training and the space for them to practice their choreography and
also provided the funding for making the costumes and props they

有關 B for BORNEO 演出

By just a glance at the poster, many commented “ ha?? This kind of artistic performance should be boring, nothing interesting.”

Please bare with me and read through the description below to know more about the performance, do help me to share and recommend this special performance to your friends.

Missions and explorations of B for BORNEO:
1)Young Choreographer Project
Another 5 upcoming young choreographers spent the whole previous year in preparing, attend choreography class, lighting design course, trained dancers, rehearsed, and had completed their evaluation. The youngest choreographer is just 16 years old. When your are 16, did you accomplished any serious goal that you dreamed for?

2)The Island
A cute, funny and cheerful choreography inspired by the mesmerising scenery of the island and the under water world at Sabah. Dancers explored and developed dance movements from the under water creatures such as, Jelly Fish, Deep Sea Fish, Ne mo and etc. A dance that full of Joy and colours. But the most interesting part is, this performance will collaborate with ASGADIAN team in multimedia: Projection on the floor, 3D animation and motion capture. This kind of collaborative performance is costly and would be expensive in abroad, tickets most likely RM100 and above.

3) The Cave
This choreography inspired by the conversation between Gua Niah and me. I met “her” during the 1300km of by biking adventure in 2015. Being able to experienced interact with her personally was one of the most precious gift in my life. It would be my biggest regret if not expressing this through dance and movements. How important is Gua Niah? Serve it on internet. Don’t do it for exam, do it for yourself.

4) The Forest
This is a piece illustrated by the photo. “Tajau”, the main props in this dance is common among the local ethnics for daily use. Integrated with movements and culture elements of Bobohizan(local shamans), it opened an interesting creative space for me. Of course, with the help and idea of ASGARDIAN Team, this piece has gone even further. Dancers a specially chosen, this was due to the ability of moving on the tajaus is hard to trained. Only those who are born with nature sense of balance and not afraid of height are able to handle the movements. Consequently, the chosen dancers are working hard to match my imagination of the piece. Luckily, they understand I am an extreme choreographer. The most important thing is they believe they can do it and never give up until it’s accomplished. That’s the “heart” and beauty behind the effort.

5) “ 想一想”,a dance piece just awarded the Top 10 Outstanding Awards at 7th national Chinese Dance Competition 2016 will be performed too.
We are not sure how much effort we need to try to convinced you to purchase a ticket to support. We are not showing you how hardworking are we, but we want to remind you that, you might missed out a great performance her in Kota Kinabalu.

Date: 18th June 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 7.30pm (performance will start on time)
Venue: Sabah Theological Seminary Auditorium
Ticket Price: 25/35/50 (based on seat no.)
Facebook event page:

“婆羅印象” [B for BORNEO] 挑戰幾樣事情:
2-“海島風情” [The ISLAND]逗趣,以我們沙巴引以為傲的海島、海底世界風景為創作出發點。舞者發展到水母、深海魚、NEMO等等,這些視覺顏色應該很好玩。不過,更讓人期待的是和ASGARDIAN合作的多媒體結合:地板投影、3D影像製作、motian capture。這在國外的話,票價應該不會少過100吧~
3-“洞穴” [The CAVE] 是我在2015年騎腳踏車1300公里路上“碰面”的 Gua Niah 和我說的話。這份生命大禮不用舞蹈說出來,那將是我生命中的遺憾。Niah洞到底有多重要?不要為了考試,上網看看它的珍貴。
4-“山林” [The FOREST] 就是照片中的作品。這個名為tajau的容器是婆羅洲重要的象徵,是生活的一部分。融合巫師文化bobohizan的創作,給了我許多發揮的空間。當然,這段作品ASGARDIAN的加入又讓作品上個不同的層次。為了學習在tajau上移動的能力,這次不用練的,而是用挑的。是的,這個能力,不大練得出來,得骨子裡不怕高。挑出了舞者,接著就是為了我腦中的畫面努力,那是才是瘋狂的開始。舞者知道我不是人,但他們相信他們能夠完成的話,那才是完成自己生命中原來可以完成的事。這看的是“心”。


6月18日(星期六) 沙巴神學院劇場 晚上730準時開演。票價25/ 35/ 50 (按位置售票)

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