ACACIA by SDT (Synergy Dance Theatre)

Name of Event : ACACIA
Performance group : Synergy Dance Theatre
Venue : Black Box Kota Kinabalu

Date and Time :
24th June 2017 Saturday 7:30pm
25th June 2017 Sunday 2:30pm

Ticket : RM35 (free seating) Contact : 019-533 0395 / 016-833 3936

ACACIA is the title of this year’s annual performance by SYNERGY DANCE THEATRE and the Young Choreographer Project 2017. How much can a group of dancers aged 10 to 40 achieve after years of learning? This is where the title of ACACIA becomes meaningful. For your information, the acacia is a type of tree, and I use the acacia tree as a symbol of dance education. You always need to start from the roots, and through time you will achieve the goal of dancing.
Artistic Director Christopher Liew has founded SDT for 12 years and produce many dance pieces through out the years. This will be the first time for SDT to perform at Black Box Kota Kinabalu which is new to the city! This is an experimental theatre and for sure it will create lots of surprise for you.
What is the goal of dancing? You need to find out for yourself.