B for BORNEO 婆羅印象

18th June 2016 Saturday, marked this date in your calendar!
This is the first time in Malaysia to have a dance production combined with MOTION CAPTURE technology.
Ticket start to sell next week~!
SYNERGY DANCE THEATRE collaborates with ASGARDIAN for the first time! This year, we present to you “B for BORNEO” which feature dance combined with multimedia projection on dance floor as well as MOTION CAPTURE interaction (a technology which will pick up the movement of dancers live with the multimedia projection). As you might expect, there will be unique choreography from Christopher and other talented young choreographers.
SYNERGY舞蹈劇場第一次與ASGARDIAN 合作,共同製作今年“婆羅印象”舞蹈作品。您將會看見緊密互動的地板投影多媒體與舞蹈與、動態捕捉技術結合(Motion Capture, 一種即時捕捉舞蹈動作與多媒體結合的科技結合),當然還有您期待的編舞者計畫所帶來的驚喜。這是馬來西亞第一次結合motion capture的演出,相信會為你帶來許多驚喜。

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