Dance Delight 2011

Promo clip:

Synergy Dance Studio was established in 2004 by Christopher Liew and consists of Synergy Dance Theatre (SDT), Synergy Tap Crew and RE-UP Crew. Synergy Dance Studio trains dancers and prepares stage crews for a minimum of four public performances annually. Perform publicly requires the SDT team to reach the highest standard both technically and creatively. Every year, Synergy Dance Studio organizes Dance Delight Production exclusively to present what the dancers have learnt from the classes. The variety of dance performances and the good organization of the production always received good feedback from the audience.
“舞藝舞蹈教育機構”成立於2004年,由畢業於台灣中國文化大學舞蹈學系的劉偉義擔任藝術總監。此教育機構除了開設舞蹈課程外,另外細分為三個團體:“Synergy舞蹈劇場(SDT)”、“Synergy踢踏劇場”及“Re-Up Crew”嘻哈團體。每一年,我們舉辦最少四場的演出活動,其中包括讓此教育機構所有的學生、老師能夠有展現他們成果的“Dance Delight”演出活動。

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