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Biography of Christopher Liew Vui Ngee
Artistic Director & founder

Christopher Liew Vui Ngee, Artistic Director of Borneo Dance Theatre (BDT) and Synergy Dance Theatre (SDT), graduated in 2004 with a championship in Dance from the Chinese Cultural University, Taiwan. While still in Taiwan, he received 2 awards for being an outstanding youth at the national university level. He was also the recipient of grants and scholarships, both in Taiwan and at international level. His choreography “Visual Space” earned him a place in the local outstanding youth demonstration and won him an excellent prize in 2003 at national level. After graduating from university in 1st place for his year group, Christopher came back to Kota Kinabalu to set up his own dance studio and put his effort into teaching dance and dance education. Because of Christopher’s creativity and consistency, BDT, SDT and Synergy Dance Studio put on at least Five performances every year which include SDT’s annual performance and “Dance Delight” for the students of the studio and etc. In 2009, Synergy organised the first “Primitive Bond Art Festival”  which promotes arts among the public and seeks for bonding between different art forms and art groups/people. He founded the Bfirst and only full-time professional Dance Theatre in Borneo, the Borneo Dance Theatre, at 2012 to shared dance art world wide. The dance company is officially launched by the Minister of Tourism, CUlture and Environment YB Datuk Seri Panglima Masidi Manjun at 2013.

His award winning pieces are:

1)“Sackle” 2006 “Out standing Award” for National Dance Open competition held in Melaka.

2)“Funeral” 2008 “Best Choreography Award” and “Out standing Award” for National Dance Open competition held in Melaka.

3)“Rain” 2009 Champion in the State Dance Competition among the chinese primary school in Sabah.The dance piece “Rain”(雨) obtained 1st place in Sabah and also 1st place in Kota Kinabalu district in2009 in 13th Primary School Dance Competition. This was the first time in which a B-class primary school (a primary school with less than 500 students) obtained this honour in the 26 years since the first competition was held in Sabah.

4)“Dance As Education” 2011 Champion in the National Dance Competition (Primary school category) held in Kuala Lumpur

5)“Where Are You?” 2012 “Best Choreography Award” and “Out standing Award” for National Dance Open competition held in Melaka.This piece represent Malaysia to go to Hong Kong to participate in a International Dance competition.

6)“Memory of Bijih Getah” (Yue Min Dance Troupe) 2013 Champion in the Kota Kinabalu      district Dance Competition and first runner up in the State championship among the chinese primary school in Sabah. “Singing from Koko Mountain” by Good Shepherd Dance Group win the first runner up in the Kota Kinabalu district Dance Competition.

劉偉義 (Christopher Liew)個人簡介:

2004年以第一名總成績畢業於台灣私立中國文化大學舞蹈學系 (主修現代舞),並於該年獲得“台灣全國大專優秀青年獎”( Outstanding College Youth)及“華岡青年”獎。在學期間多次獲得校內外獎學金,並參加歷年舞蹈學系對外之年度公演。

於2002年隨“華岡舞蹈團”赴德國參加“青年藝術節”(International Youth Art festival)。作品「EX-完成式」於2003年獲得“台灣全國舞躍大地舞蹈創作比賽”創作組優秀獎,擔任編舞者、舞者、服裝設計與製作及音樂製作。另外,於同年在台灣私立中國文化大學校內創辦第一個由學生所成立的舞蹈團“Compages Coyote舞蹈劇場”,擔任團長及授課老師之角色。此團體於成立以來曾發表過作品有“Seasons Greeting”、“Mystik變幻莫測”、“視覺缺陷點”(Eye-lies)及“人體雕塑”( Human Statue) (戶外街頭演出及平面展覽)。

2004年回沙巴期間,創立了沙巴第一個現代舞團── Synergy Dance Theatre (SDT)。該舞團已連續三年發表作品 ─“黑箱作業”(Body in the Black Box 2005)、“潘朵拉的盒子”(Pandora’s Box 2006)、“轉角”(Corner 2007)、“你是我心中的白雪”(Snow in my Heart 2008)及 “你想不到”(You Can’t Imagine 2010), “神山的傳說“ (The Legend of Mount Kinabalu 2011),“沒有愛情故事(No Love Story 2012)”、“出谷紀”(Exodus)、“釋迦牟尼佛傳”(The Story of Buddha 2013)、”神山腳下的傳說“ (The Legend of Kinabalu 2014)及“白” (WHITE 2015) 深獲好評。

於2004年10月15日在沙巴成立 “舞藝舞蹈教育機構” (Synergy Dance Studio Sdn. Bhd.)及在2013年創辦婆羅洲第一個全職專業舞蹈劇場“婆羅舞蹈劇場” (BORNEO DANCE THEATRE),並擔任藝術總監之及編導之工作,以推廣舞蹈教育、現代舞表演藝術及劇場藝術為主旨。


『百年樹人』 榮獲2011年馬來西亞全國華人舞蹈節舞蹈比賽小學組“最佳表現獎”(冠軍)
『你在哪裡?』榮獲2012年馬來西亞全國華族舞蹈公開賽“優秀獎” 及”最佳舞蹈創作獎”作品代表馬來西亞赴香港參加國際舞蹈比賽。
『那棵樹下』(崇正舞蹈團)及『逼落的眼淚』(SYNERGY舞蹈劇場)榮獲2014年馬來西亞全國華族舞蹈公開賽 “優秀獎”

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