No Love Story

As usual we have prepared a well theatre for our performance, every year it become better. 2012 is the story of “No Love Story”~! For those who have bought the ticket, please come early, and do remember to come with car pool.:)

Support the local dance scene, and help promote – especially among our youth – dance’s creative, healthy, positive attitudes to life.

Synergy Dance Theatre (SDT), which has been in operation for almost eight years, has put a great deal of effort into building up the dance environment in Malaysia. The founder and artistic director of the group, Christopher Liew, graduated (First Grade) from the Chinese Culture University, Taiwan. While in Taiwan he won the “Outstanding University Youth Award” and the “Hwa Gang Youth Award” for 2004. He has choreographed many prize-winning dance pieces for Malaysian events. These include “Shakle” (2006 Outstanding Award), “Funeral” (2008 Best Choreography Award), “Rain” (2009 Sabah Champion), “Dance Education” (2011 National Champion), “Road” (2012 Outstanding Award), and “Where Are You?” (2012 Best Choreography Award). Three of these pieces have recently been honoured by being chosen to represent Malaysia in an international dance competition to be held in China in 2012. These three pieces – namely, “Dance Education”, “Road”, and “Where Are You?” – will be performed for the Sabah public for the first time as part of the Synergy Dance Theatre’s 2012 dance production entitled “No Love Story”

Last year’s performance by Synergy Dance Theatre was “The Legend of Mount Kinabalu” – a dance drama that portrayed the history of the land and people of Sabah. It was a marvelous emotionally-moving experience for the audience.

This year Synergy Dance Theatre will proudly present to you “No Love Story” – a show consisting of a variety of dance pieces. Besides the three pieces that will represent Malaysia in the upcoming international dance competition in August, there is another dance that we particularly recommended to you: “My Story”, a dance duet featuring Chang Hao Heng and Christopher Liew. Chang was a young dancer for the Synergy troupe in 2007 but he had to stop dancing after he found out that he was suffering from kidney failure. Since 2008 he has needed to have dialysis three times a week. However his passion for dance has not deceased. This year Chang decided to perform again even though he knows that his illness imposes limitations on his physical ability. “My Story” is an emotional, heart-warming story. We think that for all the audience it will be a very touching sharing of Chang’s attitude to life, but especially meaningful for teenagers since Chang is only 14 this year!

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The passion of this dance duet will be one of the many highlights of the evening’s programme. “No Love Story” is a compilation of 10 dance pieces. You will experience the following pieces: “Dance Education”, which promotes dance as a form of education, “Road”, which looks at the future of Chinese Cultural Dance in Malaysia; “Where are You?” – a portrayal of Malaysian society; the Chang/Liew duet “My Story” which reflects the passion of life; and of course “No Love Story” itself, which consists of a variety dances by 35 clowns! It will be night rich in emotional experiences. Where else will you find such a creative, uplifting performance in Kota Kinabalu?

If you have not seen a performance by Synergy Dance Theatre before, we highly recommend “No Love Story” to you all. We hope you will support good local art and help to make it better. Do help us to share the news with others and invite them to the performance. It will be a most memorable experience.

Further information about the performance:

Time: 23rd June 2012 (Saturday) 7:30pm sharp.
Venue: Sabah Theological Seminary Auditorium, KK (on Signal Hill, on the road opposite to the entrance to the Istana)
Tickets: RM 50 / 35, sold according to seat number. You may contact 019-5330395/ 016 833 3936 for tickets via SMS or by calling.


Synergy 舞蹈劇場 (SDT)成立了將近八年,為沙巴的舞蹈藝術成長付出,並且大家也看得見他們的成績。創辦人劉偉義以第一名成績畢業於台灣中國文化大學舞蹈學系,是“台灣大專優秀青年”及“華岡青年”獎項得主。其得獎作品包括2006年“枷鎖”(全舞優秀獎)、2008年“葬顏”(全舞最佳舞蹈創作獎)、2009年“雨”(全州華小文化大匯演冠軍)、2011年“百年樹人”(全國華族舞蹈比賽小學組冠軍)、2012年“路”(全舞優秀獎)、“你在哪裡?”(全舞最佳舞蹈創作獎)等。其中“百年樹人”、“路”及“你在哪裡?”更獲權代表馬來西亞參加國際舞蹈比賽。

繼2011年 “神山的傳說”留給大家深刻的記憶,今年SDT將為您帶來 “沒有愛情故事”。我們相信優秀的作品始終源於土地,並且也與土地上的人們息息相關。我們很開心此次的演出您將可以看見這三個代表馬來西亞參加國際賽事的作品外,也將會看見另外一只推薦的作品“我的故事”。“我的故事”是SDT2團(幼苗舞者計畫)前舞者張浩衡與創辦人劉偉義的雙人作品。張同學今年14歲,在2008年獲知自己患了腎病後便停止了舞蹈的訓練,並且過著一星期洗腎三次的生活至今。憑著對舞蹈的記憶及樂觀的態度,2012年的張舞者將重返舞台。“我的故事”將會是一個感人的故事,並且也是給現代孩子們一個好的生活借鏡及良好的學習及生活態度。



若您沒有觀賞過SDT的演出,這將是一個很好的開始。 我們希望大家能支持優秀的本地創作,讓我們大家走得更遠。

Time: 23rd June 2012 730pm~9pm 2012年6月23號 晚上730準時開場
Venue: Sabah theological Seminary Auditorium 沙巴神學院劇場
Ticket: RM 50/ 35 /25 according to seat number 0195330395 (Christopher)/ 016-8333936(Skyler)
RM 50/ 35 /25 劃位售票 (可連絡 019-533 0396 Chris/ 016-833 3936 Skyler詢問票卷詳情)

William Choo:

This is the photo slide for the event. Enjoy~

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