Borneo Dance Theatre 婆羅舞蹈劇場

婆羅舞蹈劇場(Borneo Dance Theatre)簡介:

The BORNEO DANCE THEATRE is the first full-time professional dance theatre in Borneo. It was founded by Christopher Liew who graduated with a degree in Dance from Chinese Culture University in Taiwan. At present, the Borneo Dance Theatre has four dancers: the founder Christopher Liew, Tang Sook Kuan who hold the MA. BA. Creative Arts(UMS), Debbie Liew Shuk Sheng, Melanie Thien Li Ni who graduated from NAFA Singapore, and Susey Mongool who graduated in Degree in Creative Art (Major in Dance) from UMS.

The Borneo Dance Theatre aims, through multimedia productions, to present the culture and other special facets of Borneo, such as its music and tropical environment, and at the same time to create a unique ”language” of Borneo Theatre. We wish to share our original art pieces with the world. Besides professional dance training, the artist of the BDT need to learn techniques of designing and making costumes and of multimedia production, as well as music composition and choreography. This all aims to develop artists with an enhanced artistic creativity.

The BDT has done their dance tours since 2014. Their dance piece are entitled:

2014 : Time Capsule 幾輪時間
2015 : 2 IN 1
2016 : BOBOU 奔逝的天堂

婆羅舞蹈劇場是婆羅洲第一個全職專業舞蹈劇場,成立於2012年八月。此舞蹈劇場由2004年以第一名成績畢業於台灣中國文化大學舞蹈學系的劉偉義擔任藝術總監,而全職舞者共有四人,係劉偉義本人、沙巴大學舞蹈學院碩士鄧淑君、劉淑嫻、畢業於新加玻NAFA的鄧莉霓及畢業於沙巴大學舞蹈系的Susey Mongool。


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