Halloween Chap Pa Lang 2013

Halloween Chap Pa Lang 2013 by Synergy Dance Theatre

Date & Time : 26TH OCTOBER 2013 (SAT) 7:30PM
Ticket: RM30 PER GHOST
Contact: 019-533 0395 Chris / 016-833 3936 Skyler / 011-1601 4909 Shuk Ling

1.Recommended to bring your own sitting mat/pillow
2. Wear your Halloween accessories/costume for this special evening
3. Do not wear skirt; You’ll be sitting on the floor.

4.Seriously, do not hit /punch the ghost, they are affraid of violent too.

5.Feel free to laugh/ cry.

6.The ghost are punctual. So don’t be late! We start at 7:30pm sharp.

7.Advisable not to bring children below 10. Some part of this performance considered acary for them. However it is a combination of scary and funny.

8.For senior citizens, you need to have a strong heart.

Promo video 01: Invited guest Ms Sadako

Promo video 02: Invited guest Mr Kiong Xi AKA Chinese Zombie

Promo 03:

Press release for the event:
By: Afham Zainal Abidin
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah –October 26, 2013 was marked by an event held in KK Foo Chow Hall, Kota Kinabalu. It was an experimental, interactive performance which encouraged the participation of the audience. It was called “Halloween Chap Pa Lang”. The Synergy Dance Theatre. SDT – established in 2004 by Christopher Liew – had worked hard to present this performance. This company’s goal is to develop the creative talents of young Sabahans in the following areas: dance, choreography, costume design, costume making, making of props, make-up, stage design, lighting design, multi-media production and the composing of music. Every year, SDT trains dancers and prepares technicians for a minimum of four public performances, involving anything from 10 to 200 young people. Performing publicly means that the SDT team needs to reach the highest standard both technically and creatively.
For the past 3 years, SDT produced Chinese New Year performances, but this year they tried out something new and fresh for the local art scene by tackling Halloween….. Chap Pa Lang involved ten dancers and combined the elements of dance and theatre. This first Halloween Chap Pa Lang production made a big impact on the local audience. Fun and interaction were the main concepts and it was a great success.
The fun part was when the audience was asked to dress up for the performance. The majority showed up with their Halloween costumes and make up. It was wonderful to see such support and participation. A few structures had been put up to give the audience the feeling of going inside a horror movie. The entrance had been transformed into a dark corridor that the audience needed to walk through. Grim the Reaper was standing in the corner of the corridor, barely visible. When people arrived at the performance area, a member of the crew put a sticker on them that had the words “Real Ghost” on it. This was the name of the performance. It was like entering a ghost house. Dried leaves had been put along the pathway and performers, wearing weird costumes, made it very spooky. Screaming and loud laughter were heard coming from all directions.
The first part of the show was eerie when flying balls suddenly flew out from nowhere. The combination of tense music and flying objects made the heart pound. The introduction of each ghost involved the audience, especially when the entire group of ghosts were scattered around them and randomly dancing. The audience was compelled to look at the places of movement with the help of the lighting system. Most of the young audience was on the edges of their seats to have a better look. The performance continued with the invitation from the United States Vampire to the other ghosts from all over the world – the vampire from China, a Zombie from Egypt, Sadako from Japan etc – to come and join him. The story line then developed in the direction of all the ghosts meeting up in the United States, where they plotted to go out together to scare people. The highlight of the performance was when all the ghosts got drunk at the Halloween party and danced Hip Hop.
The interaction with the audience began in the ‘airport’ scene where all of the ghosts danced among the crowd, encouraging members of the audience to get involved. Getting the audience up on their feet and dancing together made the performance magical and at times very humourous. A burst of fun was triggered when the ‘Party’ scene was performed. All the dancers were pretending to be drunk and out of control as they moved into the middle of the audience.
This was a fun and yet skilful performance. The audience were presented with all kinds of dance genres, such as hip-hop, new jazz and contemporary – they were all mixed together in one performance. The dancers with all their costumes and props were challenged to dance together in different spaces between the audience, who was seated on the floor. Some of the spaces were narrow and some broad enough to fit all the dancers. The Artistic Director and choreographer, Christopher Liew, used the stage for dance performance as well as popular video games, which developed the subject matter of a dance. Super Mario and Plant Vs. Zombie was the game that had been chosen. Selecting a character by the audience was the highlight of the performance when the dancers didn’t know which of them would be chosen.
“I enjoyed the show. All of the dancers danced well,” said Chris Wright, poet and member of Cracko Art Group.
The whole night was spectacular and the audience enjoyed themselves. There will be more fun and interactive performances in the future when the group will highlight a new celebration. It is their style to laugh, scream, giggle and smile throughout a performance of this kind. This evening was a great experience as it exposed the local audience to this style of performance. It was a first in Sabah ! Please keep supporting our local performing arts.




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