PBAF 2014


Primitive Bond Art Festival 2014
The Primitive Bond Art Festival 2014 (PBAF 2014) was successfully held from 26th to 27th July at Suria Sabah, Kota Kinabalu. Events and activities during the 2-day festival included joint activities presented by 14 groups of artists, a flash-mob dance by approximately 300 people, a painting exhibition, installation art, “Colours of Hope” community project, photography exhibitions, a beading workshop and various sharing sessions, talks and workshops activities. Besides that, the festival was also supported by many other music, drama, and dance artists bringing flash- mob performances to the public. Visitors to Suria Sabah were amazed by unexpected art presentations in different corners and different times in the mall. Namely, a music performance, body sculpture, drama, a contact improvisation performance and a tap dance performance. PBAF 2014 created a unique art atmosphere in the city of Kota Kinabalu. The festival not only won warm praise, but also was really an eye-opener for many participants and observers as they realised that we actually have so many unique and talented artists here in Kota Kinabalu.

This year’s Flash-Mob Dance attracted approximately 300 participants. Through the spreading of a trailer and promotion video on the internet, this activity had aroused interest and curiosity among many art/dance enthusiasts one month before PBAF 2014. Preparations and rehearsals for this event were simply through tutorial videos on the internet and demonstrations in different schools – the 300 flash dancers at PBAF 2014 had actually never rehearsed together beforehand. The dancers showed up on performance day, consisting of dancers varying from six-year-olds to senior adults. The dancers filled up the whole Ground Floor Atrium of Suria Sabah and created an exciting scene which was not only full of vitality, but also filled with a lot of unexpected surprises and interactions. Beside the magnificent flash-mob performance, the body painting-human sculpture was also another one of the favourite and most impressive events. The founder of PBAF, Christopher Liew gathered together and painted the bodies of the dancers in the crowd one hour before the human sculpture performance. Each painted dancer has a specific colour theme and concept. This activity intended to open an opportunity for the audience to experience the whole process of body painting in order to narrow the distance between the arts and the community, and also to guide the community towards a better understanding of professional artists and their intentions in creating artworks. After their body painting, the dancers were individually placed in a mannequin display cabinet, performing and moving as a human sculpture. After witnessing the continuous pro-active responses and donations from the public, we could not deny that activities like this are influential in making Kota Kinabalu a better city. Among them, there were scenes when the children donated money from their own pockets to the “human sculpture” performance.

The first Primitive Bond Art Festival opening prelude was on 6th June 2010. There were three main founders: Christopher Liew Vui Ngee, a local dance artist, Horace Yuen and Lonny Pang, both are winner of the “Photographer of the year Award” in international level and art enthusiast,. The core mission of the first Primitive Bond Art Festival was to interact with the audience through various art performances, and hence many activities and events were intended to attract audience participation. Through the arts, Borneo culture can be raised to a higher level and even promote deeper appreciation, consequently enabling it to be presented internationally to win the world’s recognition of our unique cultural identity. Cultural exchange was not the primary focus of the Primitive Bond Art Festival, it was instead to spotlight the arts and their features in our cultural landscape and at the same time highlight the artworks and artistic efforts of local artists.

In PBAF, street music performances created chances for the people to enjoy the beauty of music on the streets and to witness dancers moving along the streets. Both experiences added different “colours” to the city. The PBAF organisers see the Primitive bond Art Festival as a revolutionary arts festival, as it challenges the thinking of youngsters who are trying to find their own unique ways of thinking. It was delightful to get participation from so many local artists in Primitive Bond Art Festival 2014 this year.

This year, the organisers developed clearer objectives for PBAF 2014. We sincerely hope this festival will be able to be sustained on a long-term basis. The objectives are: first, an “intersection” to create more artists and a more appreciative public; second, artistic knowledge popularization; third, universal public awareness of the creative process, contributed to art appreciation; fourth, encouraging the development of professional artists; and five, professional artists providing the platform for mutual cooperation. They believe that generating new culture and the preservation of the existing culture are equally important.

After the two-days festival ended successfully, many participants were looking forward to more surprises in next year’s festival. In parallel with the slogan of PBAF: the festival that is designed for you, we are passionate to bring more surprises to Kota Kinabalu city in 2015.

《元鍵藝術節》於2014年6月26至27日連續兩天於曙光廣場盛大舉行。其中活動包含14個團體的藝 術工作者的聯合展演活動、多達三百人的快閃演出、繪畫、裝置藝術、社會關懷計劃之“希望之色 彩”(Colours of Hope)、攝影展覽、串珠教學與交流、講座和工作坊的活動。整個藝術節也加入 了許多藝術工作者小組快閃演出的部分。觀眾將會意外的在曙光廣場的不同角落看見藝術的呈現。 例如音樂演奏、人體雕塑演出及踢踏舞的演出。這些活動為亞庇這个地方帶来不一樣的文化气息, 不僅贏得熱烈的讚賞,也讓許多來參與的人驚見亞庇原來有許多這些有獨有特色的藝術工作者。

今年的快閃活動吸引了將近300人參與。從宣傳短片開始在網路上的流傳便已經吸引了許多藝術同好 的好奇及詢問。單純的透過網路的教學影片及在學校單位的動作指導,這次的快閃活動並沒有集合 這300人的集體排練。當天參與演出的從最小6歲到年長的朋友都有,現場不僅充滿著活力,也洋溢 著許多的驚喜與互動。除了快閃,大家印象最深刻的便是人體彩繪的活動。創辦人劉偉義將舞者於 正式演出前一小時公開的在人群中彩繪舞者全身。每一個彩繪的任務都有一個主題色及投射的概念。 讓觀眾能夠完全“觀賞”人體彩繪的過程不僅能夠拉近藝術於人的距離,也幫助大家更了解藝術工 作者的專業與用心。在彩繪結束後,舞者將會被個別放在玻璃展示櫥內,模擬活過來的人體雕像。 從觀眾陸陸續續的樂捐現象來看,大家認同這類的活動能夠讓亞庇成為更好的城市。其中,更有發 生小朋友親自掏出褲帶內的錢樂捐給這些“人體雕塑”的溫馨場面。

第一屆的《元鍵藝術節》在2010年六月六日掀开序幕,創辦人為本土舞蹈藝術工作者劉偉義、攝影 藝術工作者元子及馮煥曉。《元鍵藝術節》的核心是在表演形式上与觀眾的互動,所以許多活動都 必須尋求觀众的参与。婆羅洲文化可以提升至更高的水平和注入更深的内涵,然后展現到國際平台, 讓世界認同我們独特的文化特征。《元鍵藝術節》的重点并非文化交流,而是强調這片土地上的藝 術及其特色,着重在藝術工作者的表現和成果多于他們的成就。

街頭的音樂演出讓人能夠在街頭的轉角享受到音樂的美妙;偶爾在步道上看見舞者舞動著肢體,彷 彿為這座城市增添不同的色彩。《元鍵藝術節》可說是一个革命性的文化藝術節,針對年輕人的心 態,嘗試找到他們自己的思維模式。2014年的元鍵藝術節獲得更多的藝術工作者的參與與支持。這 一年,我們擬定了更明確的目標,希望這個藝術節能夠更長遠的流傳下去。其目標有一、為大眾及 藝術工作者創造更多的交集;二、藝術知識普及化;三、普及大眾對創作過程的認知,促成藝術鑑 賞能力;四、鼓勵專業藝術工作者的培養;五、提供專業藝術工作者相互合作的平台。我們認為創 新文化和保存文化同樣重要。

在兩天的藝術節圓滿落幕後,許多的觀眾都期待明年的藝術節的驚喜。正如“元鍵藝術節”的口號 所言:這是為您設計的藝術節。期待2015年能帶給這亞庇城市更多的驚喜。

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