“You make dream come true” community project

After twelve months of hard work and support from the community, we finally get the money to buy Samri’s dancing wheelchair. Another six months of waiting from ordering and transport to KK from Japan make the process harder but meaningful.
After 18 months, Samri get his dancing wheelchair at 13th January 2017 and is officially hand to him at the Welfare Month Opening event! I personally as the Artistic Director of Synergy Dance Family and Samri Butak, we would like to deliver our sincere thanks to everyone of you who make this happen.
Believe in your dream and work hard for it~

If you would like to know the stories about this crowd-funding project , do continue to read :

Updated amount of donation received until 26th 14th July 2015 is RM7261.7 and US $1.
達至2015年11月,共募集的款項是 馬幣7261.7元及1元美金。 

This is the project which started when you see a dream can come true when we all gather together. It is hard to get funding from government support when they do not have the vision in arts. Thus we launch the crowd funding project through our events and gather the power of the people who believe in dream can come true to help.

This is how it started.

In 2014, the Samry joined dance performance for his first time ever in “Sabah Cheshire Home 40th Anniversary Celebration event” held in Promenade Hotel at 14th November 2014 with Borneo Dance Theatre. After that the Artistic Director Christopher Liew see the potential of this dancers and invite him to join the Synergy Dance Theatre annual contemporary dance performance held at June 2015. Through out the process of practice, we have the chance to expose him for the first time in the “Dance Delight 2015″ event which is the annual dance performance by all the students in Synergy Dance Studio’s Family with Skyler Liew (hip Hop Instructor in Synergy Dance) and B-Boy Switch (Hip Hop Instructor from Taiwan). We saw so many potential in this wheel chair dancers and wish that he can get a proper and nice dance wheel chair which can improve and help a lot in his future performance and practice process.This is how we start this “You make dream come true” project. We are looking for a RM15,000 for a dance wheel chair imported form Japan. At this moment we are targeting dance wheel chair made by OX company in Japan. A wheel chair dancer from Taiwan recommend the OX wheel chair from Japan since they have a lots of experience in making dance wheel chair.

Since Synergy Dance is in charge of the donation and we really want to make it clear to the public about the donation and cash flow.

Updated amount of donation received until November 2015 is RM7261.7 and US $1.



2014年11月是舞團藝術總監劉偉義第一次與Samry合作。當時是為了“沙巴濟世之家”40週年慶活動而排練作品,由本地全職專業舞蹈劇場「婆羅舞蹈劇場」(Borneo Dance Theatre),PITaPAT 劇團及輪椅運動員Samry 共同完成這個演出。透過這次的合作,偉義看見這位舞者的多項潛能,因此讓他在2015年舞蹈教室年度成果展與台灣B-Boy開關及教室街舞老師Skyler共同登台演出,開啟「是你讓願望實現」這募款計畫。與台灣的輪椅舞者商討有關舞蹈輪椅的部分,畢竟這是一個大款項舞蹈輪椅及有許多大家的期望,她建議我們訂製日本OX 輪椅,因為這公司有訂製舞蹈輪椅的豐富經驗。目前預定的募集目標是馬幣1萬5000元.

由於Synergy Dance Studio將會是這計畫的財務負責單位,我們希望能夠透明化整個募款過程。因此我們會將所有募集款項的紀錄更新與這網頁讓大家能夠清楚的看見募款資金的更新消息及使用方式。

達至2015年11月,共募集的款項是 馬幣7261.7元及1元美金。

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