PBAF 2015

Throw back video for the event PBAF 2015: PBAF 2015

Tutorial for PBAF 2015 Flashmob (YouTube link) : http://youtu.be/1peW6oV65dI

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Dear all who want to join the flashmob family, please learn this basic four sets of movement :) Happy dancing ~!



(Deadline  at 5pm on 7th June 2015)


Life inspires Arts; Arts enriches Life.

Primitive Bond Art Festival (PBAF) is an annual event of Synergy Dance Studio Sdn. Bhd. since 2010. It was initiated by the vision of augmenting the growth of local professional arts industry and consequently enriching the social environment of the local community. The upshot of PBAF was expanding in a greater pace than we ever expected. Especially in 2014, the total participations of PBAF had reach up to approximately 5000 people just in two days. Greater success in 3rd PBAF 2014 with positive responses and effects to the community was achieved with full commitment and support from various entity included The Ministry of Resource Development & IT, The Ministry of Tourism & Culture, Suria Sabah, SPArKS, SATA, KKIFF and most of all the local professional and amateur artists who shared their arts to the community during the 2 days event. As the organiser of PBAF, we find out that the best way to express our highest gratitude and appreciation to all is to keep on improving and expanding PBAF in greater scale in 2015. Hence, in 2015 we are anticipating a full week of arts activities, more than 50 local professional and amateur artists joining us and a total participations of 10 000 people in the city.


  1. To create a closer bond between professional artists and the community
  2. To enrich arts knowledge of  the society
  3. To introduce the working process of various art fields in order to augment arts appreciation among the society.
  4. To promote and augment the growth and development of professional arts industry in Sabah
  5. To promote collaborations and interaction between professional artists in Sabah

PBAF time period:
16th July 2015 – 19th July 2015 (4 Days)

Venue : Suria Sabah, Kota Kinabalu

How to join:
1- Fill in the registration form on the link above.
2- Attending the PBAF meeting to further discuss about the arrangement of the activities. Let us clear with what we need to prepare for you in the festival.
3- Enjoy yourself as an artist by sharing your arts to the public.
4- All the income during the PBAF will all go to the artist. The PBAF organiser will not collect any commission from the sales during the festival. (Except for black box performance, terms and condition apply)
5- Post mortem to share with us how we can make the art scene become better in KK.

Main events:
18th July 2015 (Saturday) Launching Ceremony
at Ground Floor Atrium & Lower Ground Floor Atrium of SURIA SABAH

Recent Posts

ACACIA by SDT (Synergy Dance Theatre)

Name of Event : ACACIA
Performance group : Synergy Dance Theatre
Venue : Black Box Kota Kinabalu

Date and Time :
24th June 2017 Saturday 7:30pm
25th June 2017 Sunday 2:30pm

Ticket : RM35 (free seating) Contact : 019-533 0395 / 016-833 3936

ACACIA is the title of this year’s annual performance by SYNERGY DANCE THEATRE and the Young Choreographer Project 2017. How much can a group of dancers aged 10 to 40 achieve after years of learning? This is where the title of ACACIA becomes meaningful. For your information, the acacia is a type of tree, and I use the acacia tree as a symbol of dance education. You always need to start from the roots, and through time you will achieve the goal of dancing.
Artistic Director Christopher Liew has founded SDT for 12 years and produce many dance pieces through out the years. This will be the first time for SDT to perform at Black Box Kota Kinabalu which is new to the city! This is an experimental theatre and for sure it will create lots of surprise for you.
What is the goal of dancing? You need to find out for yourself.

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