Synergy Dance Theatre (SDT)

Synergy Dance Studio Sdn Bhd was established in 2004 by Christopher Liew and consists of Borneo Dance Theatre (BDT), Synergy Dance Theatre (SDT), Synergy Tap Crew and RE-UP Crew. This company’s goal is to develop the creative talents of young Sabahans in the following areas: dance, choreography, costume design, costume making, making of props, make-up, stage design, lighting design, multi-media production, and the composing of music.

Synergy Dance Theatre (SDT), formed in Sabah in 2004, is a non-government organization that was founded by Christopher Liew Vui Ngee, with the aim of enriching art in life.  To this end, SDT focuses on developing the potential of Sabah’s young dancers and choreographers of the performing arts in Borneo. Every year, SDT trains dancers and prepares technicians for a minimum of four public performances, involving anything from 10 to 200 young people. Performing publicly means that the SDT team needs to reach the highest standard both technically and creatively.

There is no doubt that there is a large pool of extremely talented young people in Sabah. As with the performing arts in all countries, such talent needs to be nurtured through the establishment of schools for dance, drama, singing, and so on. SDT has divide into SDT 1 which consist of dancers from age 13 to 35, and SDT II which is the “Young Dancer Project” that consist of young dancers age from 9 to 12 years old. The “Young Dancer Project”has extend itself to the primary school in Kota Kinabalu and received a good feedback. In 2012, SDT participated in the 5th National Chinese Dance Competition for the first time. Their performance piece” Road” won the Outstanding Award and was also selected to represent Malaysia at the Hong Kong 2nd Bauhinia Cup International Dance Invitation Championship held on the 21st August 2012.

SDT is looking forward to create our own body language of Sabah and the Modern Dance technique is a media for the group to express the feeling and scenery that we like to pass to the audience. In the theatre, the group put in so many elements which are oftenly used by dance group in foreign country which include dance and technology, dance movie etc. Beside that, we would like to play the role as the educator for the audience in Sabah about theatre and dance performance. SDT sees itself as being an important part of the process of theatre performance and dance education. Thus SDT performed annually in Kota Kinabalu since 2005.

Synergy舞蹈劇場 (Synergy Dance Theatre) 簡介:

Synergy Dance Theatre (  簡稱SDT) 創團人劉偉義爲中國文化大學舞蹈學系第19屆畢業生。2004年 11月15日舞團成立, 從5位團員擴展至今,團員已有40位。2007年開始,舞團劃分為SDT一團和SDT二團。 SDT一團年齡層有13嵗至35嵗,大部分是國高中學生,還有大學生及上班族。 二團為“幼苗舞者栽培計劃”,主要以提拔國小三年級至六年級的小舞者爲主。

舞團主要以現代舞訓練舞者,以專業的方法提升團員動作技巧、表演能力、舞蹈素養及劇場知識。 舞團有固定排練時間與場地,並且團員也逐漸穩定,每年還有物色新的成員加入。每年固定的年度演出中,舞團都會在演出結束後安排與觀衆對談的時段,除了讓觀衆更了解舞團演出内容與目的,更旨在提升觀眾對藝術活動的鑑賞能力。舞團也會舉辦舞蹈講座,讓大衆了解舞蹈,並嘗試親近舞蹈藝術。

除了SDT2團的“幼苗舞者栽培計劃”外,舞團也將此計畫拓展到亞庇市各小學單位。為了能夠樹立整個環境對藝術工作者的公平待遇及舞蹈教育考量,此計畫主要的依據有二:其一:固定的排練時間及場地;其二:固定的月薪。 2005年舞團提出在一間少於500人的小型國小“國民型善牧小學” 進行“幼苗舞者栽培計劃”,協助成立“善牧舞蹈團”及在學校固定的訓練小學生,排練時間為每週四,每次的訓練時間長度為3小時。學生人數平均為70人,最高人數曾達108人。2009年善牧華小憑作品“雨”獲得全州華小文化大匯演舞蹈比賽總冠軍。二十幾年以來,該賽事從未被一所B型學校(少於500人之小型學校)奪得佳績,特別是冠軍佳績。該舞蹈比賽為全州小學主要的舞蹈比賽盛事,但大部份的比賽狀況是在比財力,例如大型道具及佈景製作、華麗的服飾,而非舞蹈技術訓練及編排。因此,逐漸的導致許多B型小學放棄參加此比賽,因為已經失去了原本舞蹈交流的意義。2011年,善牧華小憑作品“百年樹人”再次奪得全國華小校際舞蹈觀摩賽“最佳表現獎”(冠軍),亦詫異其它所有的參賽團體,主要原因是大部分的團體都不知道善牧華小是哪裡的小學。



年份 演出主題
2005 黑箱作業( Body in the black box)

潘多拉的盒子(Pandora Box)

2007 轉角(Corner)
2008 你是我心中的白雪(Snow in my heart)
2010 你想不到(You can’t imagine)
2011 神山的傳説(The Legend of Mount Kinabalu)
2012 沒有-愛情-故事(No-Love-Story)
2013 生命記憶 (Marking of Life)

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