PBAF 2017 registration…


Are you ready for another awesome art festival in KK this year? The dates are set!!!

Dates :   30th June – 2nd July 2017 (3 days)
Venue:   Suria Sabah Shopping Mall

REGISTRATION LINK : registration has reached deadline. We do welcome you to participate in next PBAF event.
DEADLINE : 2ndth MAY 2017 5pm

How to join:

  • Fill in the registration form on the link above.
  • Attending the PBAF meeting to further discuss about the arrangement of the activities. Let us clear with what we need to prepare for you in the festival.
    Four meetings will be held through out the preparation period. PBAF organiser will not entertain any artist who didn’t attend the meetings (For those who absent, please ask a representative to attend the meeting).
  • Enjoy yourself as an artist by sharing your arts to the public.
  • All the income during the PBAF will all go to the artist. The PBAF organiser will not collect any commission from the sales during the festival. (Except for black box performance, terms and condition apply)
  • Post mortem to share with us how we can make the art scene become better in KK.

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