In Synergy Dance’s family, we consist of:

  1. Synergy Dance Studio: Synergy Dance Studio Sdn Bhd was established in 2004 by Christopher Liew. Synergy Dance Studio offers class for the public which include Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Tap Dance, New Jazz and Hip Hop Dance. We also provide our dance education service at school units to develop the dance education in primary and secondary school. In primary school, we introduce the “Young Dancer Project” since 2007 in Kota Kinabalu and received a good feedback. In 2009, the first school of the “Young Dancer Project” ,Good Shepherd Dance Troupe has received the outstanding award received are championship for the piece “Rain”in KK and Sabah district dance competition, the same groupewin the national champion with piece “Dance As Education” at KL in 2011.
  2. Synergy Dance Theatre: This company’s goal is to develop the creative talents of young dance artist in the following areas: dance, choreography, costume design, costume making, making of props, make-up, stage design, lighting design, multi-media production, and the composing of music. Every year, SDT trains dancers and prepares technicians for a minimum of four public performances, involving anything from 10 to 200 young people. Performing publicly means that the SDT team needs to reach the highest standard both technically and creatively. There is more information about SDT and its activities on its website: There is no doubt that there is a large pool of extremely talented young people in Sabah. As with the performing arts in all countries, such talent needs to be nurtured through the establishment of schools for dance, drama, singing, and so on.  In 2012, SDT participated in the 5th National Chinese Dance Competition for the first time. Their performance piece” Road” won the Outstanding Award and was also selected to represent Malaysia at the Hong Kong 2nd Bauhinia Cup International Dance Invitation Championship held on the 21st August 2012. SDT sees itself as being an important part of the process of theatre performance and dance education. Thus SDT performed annually in Kota Kinabalu since 2005. These performance are :Year Title of performance: Body in the black box (2005 ), Pandora Box (2006 ),  Corner (2007),  Snow in my heart (2008),  You can’t imagine (2010), The Legend of Mount Kinabalu (2011), No-Love-Story(2012), Marking our Life (2013)
  3. Synergy Dance Theatre II (SDT II) : SDT II is the “Young Dancer Project” that we provide in the studio that consist of young dancers age from 9 to 12 years old from different school. This is a program to develop dance artist for the future and the content of the training involve contemporary dance, Chinese cultural dance and Tap dance.
  4. Re-Up Crew: ReUp Crew is form at 2005 which recruit the good dancers from our Hip Hop Class students who wish to develop more in Hip Hop Dance Culture. It provide more intense dance skill class in Hip Hop dance and train the attitude of dancers through theatre and event performance.
  5. SODA crew: SODA crew is the short form of “Super Outstanding Dance Artist” which formed at 2011. The SODA crew recruit talented dancers from ReUp Crew who has their own dance personality the Hip Hop Dance culture.
  6. Synergy Tap Crew: Synergy Tap Crew was formed at 2005 which originally is the students of the Tap class offered by Synergy Dance Studio.
  7. Borneo Dance Theatre (BDT) : The Borneo Dance Theatre is the first professional full-time dance theatre in Borneo which consist of Artistic Director and dancer: Christopher Liew, Tang Sook Kuan who who hold the MA. BA. Creative Arts(UMS), Debbie Liew Shuk Sheng, Melanie Thien Li Ni who graduated from NAFA Singapore, andSusey Mongool who graduated in Degree in Creative Art (Major in Dance) from UMS. The Borneo Dance Theatre wish to develop the unique art language of contemporary dance theatre language of Borneo and share the ideas out.

Synergy 大家庭包含了全職現代舞蹈劇場“婆羅舞蹈劇場” (Borneo Dance Theatre)、“舞艺舞蹈教育机构” (Synergy Dance Studio) 、“Synergy舞蹈剧场” (Synergy Dance Theatre)、“SODA Crew”、“Re-Up Crew”及”SynergyTap Crew”。
“舞艺舞蹈教育机构”成立于2004年十月,由毕业于台湾中国文化大学舞蹈系的刘伟义担任艺术总监及授课老师。刘伟义以第一名成绩毕业于台湾中国文化大学舞蹈学系,并且获选为台湾的“华岗青年”及“全国大专优秀青年”。回到马来西亚,全力投身于舞蹈艺术的创作与教育工作。作品“枷锁”获得2008年马来西亚第三届全国华族舞蹈公开赛“最佳舞蹈创作奖”及“优秀奖”,另外作品“雨”亦B-级小学(少于500人的小型学校)善牧国民型学校让获得2009年沙巴州第13届文华大汇演舞蹈比赛全州特优奖(第一名)。此舞蹈教育机构提供芭蕾舞、现代舞、踢踏舞、嘻哈舞及瑜伽课程。另外,此机构引进了台湾的舞蹈地板制作技术及专业舞蹈地板,成为沙巴州目前唯一拥有此设备的舞蹈中心。这些设备不仅能够为习舞者有个良好的学习环境,也能预防学习舞蹈时的运动伤害。每年,“舞艺舞蹈教育机构”都会固定举办“Dance Delight成果展”以提供此舞蹈中心所有学生的演出的平台。演出的多样化及作品的多样性吸引了不少观众的好评,更於2009及2010年的两场演出皆票卷售罄!

“Synergy舞蹈剧场”是马来西亚沙巴州第一个现代舞蹈剧场,成立于2004年11月15日,由刘伟义创团,目前担任此团艺术总监。SDT希望能够透过剧场及创作,为这片土地带来不同的身体及剧场语汇,并且藉此提升我们周遭的舞蹈文化水平。SDT曾发表“黑箱作业”(2005)、“潘多拉德盒子”(2006)、“转角”(2007)、“你是我心中的白雪”(2008)、“你想不到”(2010)、“神山的傳說”(2011)、“沒有愛情故事” (2012)。


“Re-Up Crew”是由基础嘻哈舞蹈班的学生在完成基础的舞蹈训练后加入的街舞团体,旨在学习更进阶的技巧及表演方式。透过学习街舞的文化及艺术,舞者们尝试创造特殊的肢体语言及演出方式。“Synergy Tap Crew”是目前沙巴唯一的踢踏舞团,每一年皆在SDT的舞蹈剧场中发表作品及演出。

Synergy Dance Studio
1st floor, Shop Lot 1, Jalan Damai Off-Road 2.75km, 8300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah,Malaysia.
(Opposite Sabah Medical Centre SMC at Damai area,KK; same shoplot as COSWAY)

Contact: +6019-5330395(Christopher) / +60168333936(Skyler)