Behind the scene of every Synergy Dance Studio performance.

You need to understand how it works for dance theatre in Sabah. In order to prepare for a good dance performance, you need to prepare a proper and formal theatre for dance. This video with share with you how we have work hard for the pass eleven years. Even the black cychrome we have use it for ten years already. smile emoticon Enjoy the movie and pls share to someone worth sharing smile emoticon
看看這個影片,你就會知道多些原來沙巴的舞蹈劇場有這麼努力的一班人。18/6 「婆羅印象」-17-18/7 「Dance Delight 2016 :Keep Dancing, people」 都是不容錯過的好演出。
要票要快咯,我們也提供網路匯款方式方便大家 :)

Dance Delight 2015 ticket is selling fast

Dance Delight 2015 is here! This time we have the theme “The Scenes from the movies”. You will see lots of dance choreograph base on the movie e.g.. “night At The Museum” by Synergy Dance Theatre, “Step Up all in” by Re-Up Crew and New Jazz Student, Despicable me” by the Ballet students etc. For sure it will be lots of fun at that two performances. Ticket is selling fast and if you haven’t get your ticket yet, do grab it fast.

Date: 25th April 2015Sat 7:30pm & 26th April 2015 Sunday 2pm
Venue: Sabah Theological Seminary auditorium
Ticket: RM25 (Tickets sold by seat number, First come first served basis, No ticket reservation)
For ticket info, please contact 0195330395 / 0168333936

Dance Delight 2014 : Fairy Tales 童話故事

An event that we all can look forward to as part of Synergy’s 10th Anniversary Year performances is the annual “Dance Delight 2014”, this year called “Fairy Tales”.  This is a fantastic showcase featuring different fairy tales in various dance genres. For example, the students in the contemporary class will present “The Little Match Boy” and “Little Red Riding Hood” will be interpreted by hip hop students. Of course, you do not want to miss the big group of 45 ballet students dancing “Alice in Wonderland” and then “Peter Pan” by a mixed group of tap and hip hop dancers.

Besides the students from Synergy Dance Studio, Dance Delight will have performances by several primary schools which obtained good results in last year’s dance competition in Sabah. These include “The Memory of Bijih Getah” by Penampang Yue Min Dance Troupe, “The Song from Kokol Mountain” by Good Shepherd Dance Troupe and “A Long Standing Culture” by Likas Chung Hwa Dance Troupe.

In ten years, Synergy Dance Studio has produced many talented artists in Sabah, even in Malaysia. They are not only artists, but also share their art with the community and thus help form a group of dance art lovers and supporters.
Besides our own annual performances, Synergy has obtained good results in many competitions at national level too.

So mark your calendars now: “Dance Delight 2014: Fairy Tales” on 26th April, 7:30 p.m. at Sabah Theological Seminary Auditorium.

 In order to maintain the quality of our performances, there are some rules and regulations set in the theatre:
1.The show will start on time.
2.Late-comers are only allowed to enter the theatre at a specific time in order not to disturb the
3.No food, drinks or plastic bags are allowed in the theatre.
4.Photography, video recording and sound recording are prohibited.
5.One ticket per person.
6.Children below the age of five are not allowed to enter the auditorium.

For your information, following “Dance Delight 2014”, the next Synergy Dance Studio performance is “The Legend of Kinabalu” which tells the great story of local heroes during World War Two in Sabah. This was the first full-length multimedia dance performance in Malaysia when it premiered in 2011.
Synergy Dance Studio believes that it will be meaningful to share these great stories with the audience again during our anniversary year.

For more information, please visit the Synergy Dance website:

2014年是『舞藝舞蹈教育機構』(Synergy Dance Studio) 十週年慶,特舉辦了一系列的活動來提供平台給本地優秀的舞者,亦向社會大眾分享舞蹈藝術的精華。在Synergy Dance Studio 邁入第十個年頭的藝術生涯,Synergy Dance將在2014年4月26日為大家帶來 『Dance Delight 2014 之 童話故事』。這次的演出將透過不同的舞蹈種類來呈現不同的童話故事,其中包括用現代舞來呈現改版的『賣火柴的小男孩』、透過嘻哈舞蹈來表達『小紅帽』的故事。當然,還有重頭戲的45人的芭蕾舞劇『愛麗絲夢遊仙境』、踢踏舞與嘻哈結合的『小飛俠彼得潘』等故事,相信絕對會爲大家帶來一個非常愉快的夜晚。另外,這次的演出亦邀請Synergy Dance名下的『幼苗舞者計劃』的三間小學呈現得獎作品,其中包括兵南邦育民舞蹈團帶來的『橡膠籽的記憶』、善牧學校舞蹈團呈現的『可可山下的歡歌』及里卡士中華舞蹈團的『源遠流長』。

十年來Synergy Dance爲沙巴及馬來西亞栽培了許多的舞蹈人才及擁護者,歷年來除了劇場演出外,亦在參賽中獲得不少佳績。其中2012年SDT首次參加馬六甲多媒體大學主辦的“全國華族舞蹈公開賽”,作品“路”獲選代表馬來西亞參加該年8月假香港舉辦的“紫荊盃舞蹈比賽”。透過每一年的Dance Delight 演出,舞者能有一個展現所學的正式舞蹈平台。在此呼籲大眾踴躍支持這項活動,并購票前往觀賞。活動詳情如下:
日期與時間:2014年4月26日(星期六)晚上7:30 準時開始
票價:一人RM25 (按照位子劃位售票)


此外,今年6月15號,Synergy 舞蹈劇場(Synergy Dance Theatre) 所帶來的舞劇『神山腳下的傳說』背景是沙巴州在二次世界大戰時期,說的是本土英雄抗戰的真實故事。這舞劇是馬來西亞第一個全舞劇結合地板多媒體投影的製作,在2011年首演。今年十週年慶典,此團體覺得這作品意義深厚,特再次演出此作品,大家不容錯過。

更多詳情,請關注舞團的網頁 。

Dance Delight 2012!

I know everyone is waiting so long for this event. Let’s make it the forth year Full-House in a roll~
I still remember last year right in front of the ticket selling counter, a daughter blame her father for not buying the ticket early. What happened next? She went into the theatre and enjoy the memorable performance while her father drove back home due to full-house. So people, dont make the same mistake again.

Time: 28th April 2012 Saturday 7:30pm ~ 9:00pm
Venue : Sabah Theological Seminary Auditorium
Ticket : RM25 per head. Ticket sells according to seat number and no ticket reservation is allowed.

Where can I get the tickets?
016-8333936 Skyler / 019-5330395 Chris / Synergy Dance Studio / Anyone from Synergy Dance family will willing to help you the get the tickets :)

before you entre the theatre, here are some reminder: