ACACIA by SDT (Synergy Dance Theatre)

Name of Event : ACACIA
Performance group : Synergy Dance Theatre
Venue : Black Box Kota Kinabalu

Date and Time :
24th June 2017 Saturday 7:30pm
25th June 2017 Sunday 2:30pm

Ticket : RM35 (free seating) Contact : 019-533 0395 / 016-833 3936

ACACIA is the title of this year’s annual performance by SYNERGY DANCE THEATRE and the Young Choreographer Project 2017. How much can a group of dancers aged 10 to 40 achieve after years of learning? This is where the title of ACACIA becomes meaningful. For your information, the acacia is a type of tree, and I use the acacia tree as a symbol of dance education. You always need to start from the roots, and through time you will achieve the goal of dancing.
Artistic Director Christopher Liew has founded SDT for 12 years and produce many dance pieces through out the years. This will be the first time for SDT to perform at Black Box Kota Kinabalu which is new to the city! This is an experimental theatre and for sure it will create lots of surprise for you.
What is the goal of dancing? You need to find out for yourself.

Primitive Bond Art Festival open for registration!

Online Registration :
Deadline of Registration : 2nd May 2017 5pm

Primitive Bond Art Festival (PBAF), your art festival; is one of the most happening and promising annual art festival in Kota Kinabalu. PBAF believes that arts are created by the people and for the people. It was initially created for augmenting the development of local arts industry and increase the appreciation of arts among local community. The upshot of PBAF was expanding in greater pace than we ever expected. Last year, the total participations of PBAF had reach up to approximately more than 10,000 people in four days. A total of 26 local professional and amateur artists were gathered to share their arts to the community. This year, we are anticipating a greater scale of this meaningful event. Creative artists of all genres are welcomed and encouraged to register. Registration is free!!

We can’t make it happen without the support from all of you.

Let’s make Kota Kinabalu a more lively city!!


Objectives of PBAF:
To create a closer bond between professional artists and the community
To enrich arts knowledge of  the society
To introduce the working process of various art fields in order to augment arts appreciation among the society.
To promote and augment the growth and development of professional arts industry in Sabah
To promote collaborations and interaction between professional artists in Sabah


Behind the scene of every Synergy Dance Studio performance.

You need to understand how it works for dance theatre in Sabah. In order to prepare for a good dance performance, you need to prepare a proper and formal theatre for dance. This video with share with you how we have work hard for the pass eleven years. Even the black cychrome we have use it for ten years already. smile emoticon Enjoy the movie and pls share to someone worth sharing smile emoticon
看看這個影片,你就會知道多些原來沙巴的舞蹈劇場有這麼努力的一班人。18/6 「婆羅印象」-17-18/7 「Dance Delight 2016 :Keep Dancing, people」 都是不容錯過的好演出。
要票要快咯,我們也提供網路匯款方式方便大家 :)

Young Choreographer Project 2016

“I want to be the master in this field. But I do not want to be the only master. They will inspire me in the future.” This is how Young Choreographer Project started. I believe that dancer who know how to appreciate choreography and learn how to think will become a better dance artist.
Please do come and support the ” B for BORNEO ” event because it is the day they present their dance piece after a year of hardwork.

Young choreographers have been trained by Synergy Dance Theatre since 2012.
All the choreographers were required to work with their dancers and
master every element of dance choreography and theatre presentation,
this including musical arrangement, costume design, dance
choreography, and multimedia production. The participants in this
programme did not need to pay fees: Synergy Dance Studio provided
the training and the space for them to practice their choreography and
also provided the funding for making the costumes and props they


Synergy Dance Theatre, the dance theatre that has work hard in Sabah for over ten years start their 11th year with performance named “WHITE”.

This performance will be the presentation of the “Young Choreographer project” by eight choreographers. beside that we have two invited guest for the performance who are Samry the wheelchair dancer and Chang Hao Heng who is a dialysis patient.

This performance will change the black box into a ” White Box” and performance will consist of a lot of medical equipment. the Choreographer Christopher Liew wish to share the idea of the relationship between doctor and patient, further more the piece will share more about humanity.
Do come to support this special dance performance by sharing this news to your friend and buy the ticket early.

The information about the performance are:
Date: 20th June 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 7:30pm
venue : Sabah Theological Seminary Auditorium
Ticket : RM35 (ticket sells by seat number)
EARLY BIRD TICKET: RM30 ( before 6pm of 31st May 2015)
Ticket info : 019 533 0395 / 016 833 3936 /014 566 8041

For more information, please visit

Dance Delight 2015 ticket is selling fast

Dance Delight 2015 is here! This time we have the theme “The Scenes from the movies”. You will see lots of dance choreograph base on the movie e.g.. “night At The Museum” by Synergy Dance Theatre, “Step Up all in” by Re-Up Crew and New Jazz Student, Despicable me” by the Ballet students etc. For sure it will be lots of fun at that two performances. Ticket is selling fast and if you haven’t get your ticket yet, do grab it fast.

Date: 25th April 2015Sat 7:30pm & 26th April 2015 Sunday 2pm
Venue: Sabah Theological Seminary auditorium
Ticket: RM25 (Tickets sold by seat number, First come first served basis, No ticket reservation)
For ticket info, please contact 0195330395 / 0168333936